Wimborne White

No. 239

* Samples available in Estate Emulsion only. Colours on screen may vary from actual paint.

Wimborne White is named after the market town of Wimborne, the home to the first Farrow & Ball factory and still the site of our head office. It is just Off-White with the addition of the smallest amount of warm pigment to create a very versatile white which is just a little softer than All White but can still be used in contrast to any other Farrow & Ball colour. White & Light Tones Undercoat.

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Wimborne White 4.6 5 65 65
Perfect Wimborne white Winbourne White manages to be a "pure" white without being a "brilliant" white in that there's no evidence of that cold blue hue one can get with really WHITE whites. I've used it throughout my entire apartment and it looks great. It was extremely easy to work with, both to apply and dry. Given the area I was painting F&B's excellent website quantity calculator estimated I would need 17lts. Even with three coats applied the last 5lt can remained unopened and the shop where I purchased it was happy to refund me on return. Highly recommended. 19 May 2015
Great for covering old distemper ceilings and limewashed walls Our French house is 400 years old in parts and walls are porous with a high degree of humidity in places. The casein distemper product has been great to use and has given a beautiful finish and can be touched up as and when. It is not hardwearing, but certainly a great product for this old property. 04 May 2015
Soft white finish, good coverage. Used on the ceilings, a more gentle soft white than conventional white emulsion, chalk finish which compliments FB 'Off White' which was used on the walls and has a hint of soft green which changes with the light levels, darker at night and lighter during the day. Very pleased with the results, expensive paint but you do get top quality finish. 20 April 2015
A really great paint Due to time on my hands that I was not expecting, I have decorated 80% of my home with F&B paint. I have used Wimborne White on all my ceilings. It gives a really good cover as in one room I only had to do one coat. It goes on looking like a slightly grey colour when dries white. Which really help to know where you have got to. Used a natural bristle brush - slower but a much better finish. I ordered online the week before Christmas on a Wednesday evening and the delivery van arrived on Friday morning as I was doing the School run so excellent delivery time. Really happy with the F&B paint and the F&B service - spot on. 26 February 2015
Modern emulsion eggshell very difficult to apply on trim I enjoy painting. Applying the Dimity estate emulsion on my walls and seeing the beautiful result was beyond expectations . I just sat in my chair for an hour watching the dancing colour changes on the walls as the sun did its thing through my south-west facing windows. Wow! Next day I opened my first can of Wimbourne White Modern Emulsion to apply to the trim and doors. I stirred it for a few minutes. I used a new soft brush and my first strokes were a disappointment. Frankly the paint was glue-like, thick like year-old old jarred -up honey. Difficult to apply, not fun at all like applying the Estate Emulsion. I added a bit of water which seemed like heresy with a F and B paint. Once the paint was on and dried, I was happy with the result but this was the most difficult trim paint I have ever worked with . I have painted 7 homes so far over my lifetime, top to bottom. Maybe just a bad can? But for $100 plus per gallon with taxes my expectations were higher for this trim paint. There shouldn't be "off " cans of F and B paint. 18 February 2015
Worth every penny! I appreciated the advice and recommendations from other people who had used the products. Also got very sound advice over the phone from Farrow and Ball. Unlike most advice services, the phone was answered after two rings and I was speaking instantly to an expert! The undercoat for white floor paint was fantastic and covered a lot of serious dark markings and damage. The finishing paint was beautifully easy to use and flowed on without brush marks. Our desperately poor bathroom floor boards look beautiful. This was expensive but wORTH EVERY EXTRA PENNY/POUND! I have used other floor paints in the past and there is no comparison to the quality of paint/ease of use and result. I am now considering painting a large bedroom floor. 05 January 2015
A great finish Very pleased with the product and the delivery service 23 December 2014
All as expected! Chose Wimborne White after reading other reviews as a 'soft white' neutral colour which, while looking good bordering brilliant white ceilings, is also a good background for art. Tried this colour first in a bedroom and have now completed the hall, stairs and landing. Best I can describe the colour is as white edging towards cream/yellow. Being Farrow and Ball it is easy to apply and, while covering a colour several levels darker, only needed two coats. 15 December 2014
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