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The Unique Look

Responding extraordinarily to all types of light, our richly pigmented paint and handcrafted wallpaper deliver a unique depth of colour and quality of finish which brings walls to life. The richness and character of our absorbing colours create an inimitable vibrancy and life in every room of the home.

What makes Farrow & Ball paint unique?

1. A complex blend of rich pigments and other finest quality ingredients

2. A rich hue that responds characterfully to the nuances of light throughout the day

3. An absorbing depth of colour

4. A finish that is thoroughly tested for durability and colour consistency

Living room walls in Vardo No.288 and doors in Pale Powder No.204 | Estate Emulsion & Estate Eggshell

What makes Farrow & Ball wallpaper unique?

1. Crafted using real Farrow & Ball paints

2. Created using traditional printing methods

3. A uniquely tactile look and feel

4. A seamless connection between paint and paper

Bedroom walls in Gable BP 5405


From passing clouds and the dipping sun, to the glow of bulbs and the flicker of a fire, our paint colours gently shift in light and shade to bring life to your walls.

Each absorbing colour is created from a blend of up to five pigments. As the day goes on, the varying undertones within every hue may become more or less prominent, making a blue feel slightly more blue, green or grey at times, but always true to itself.

The same colour in the same space can feel bright and airy in the morning sun, soft and gentle in the afternoon light or cocooning and intimate by the evening, bringing added complexity to your design scheme.

Living room walls in Oval Room Blue No.85 and ceiling in Wimborne White No.239 | Estate Emulsion

Living room walls in Rectory Red No.217 and shelves in Wimborne White No.239 | Estate Emulsion


Our immersive paint colours are blended in such a way that the rich pigments within subtly respond to each change of light and season. The colours themselves do not change, and we thoroughly test every batch for colour consistency, but the rich ingredients and age-old recipes create absorbing colours with a unique character.

Firstly, chalk, china clay and titanium dioxide are mixed with water to create our base paint. Then the pigments needed to create our signature depth of colour are carefully measured and added in exactly the right amount.


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