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The Great Gatsby - Farrow & Ball

Classic Gatsby

Written in 1925 F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is set in the roaring twenties, the decade when interior designers were first used. Their influence made houses much more glamorous, and fantasy homes were created. Homes became modern and fun as well as extremely sophisticated.


Walls in most rooms were painted in plain and light colours like Blackened, while ceilings were often painted high gloss, Manor House Gray in Full Gloss would be ideal. Floors were dark and also glossy, try Black Blue Floor Paint to create this look.

  • Manor House Gray Manor House Gray
  • Blackened Blackened
  • Black Blue Black Blue

Monotone Gatsby

In Jack Clayton’s 1974 film the houses appear to be virtually monotone – perfect white palaces with the panelled walls and woodwork in the same colour to create maximum connection with the exterior. Strong White or Skimming Stone would be best used to create this beautiful serene feel. Accent the scheme with blue off-whites like Cabbage White or Pavilion Blue. This style is clean, simple and very easy to live with.

  • Strong White Strong White
  • Pavilion Blue Pavilion Blue
  • Skimming Stone Skimming Stone
  • Cabbage White Cabbage White

Glittering Gatsby

Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 release highlights the more geometric and angular elements of 1920’s decoration which included the use of lots chrome, mirrors and glass - summing up the age of the silver screen.


Bold colours were used in some homes, especially in halls, and virtually always in combination with black. Green was the most used colour but should be bright and full of life. Try Arsenic walls with Pitch Black woodwork or Churlish Green combined with Dove Tale or Down Pipe to create the bold stylized look of the jazz age!

  • Dove Tale Dove Tale
  • Arsenic Arsenic
  • Churlish Green Churlish Green
  • Pitch Black Pitch Black
  • Down Pipe Down Pipe