Studio Green

No. 93

* Samples available in Estate Emulsion only. Colours on screen may vary from actual paint.

Studio Green is the colour used on the exterior of the original studio at Farrow & Ball where many of the very first paints were mixed. It is usually best used outside where is magically appears to be much more green than on the colour card. When used in interiors it will look virtually black unless in very well lit rooms where you will see the special nuance of this shade. Dark Tones Undercoat.

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Studio Green 3.9 5 17 17
lovely colour almost black but definitely green... I did a feature wall in this colour and it's come out very strong. I actually think it makes the room feel bigger. 2.5 coats did the job on a wall that was originally white. 11 March 2015
Green the studio green on the example card and web page is graier and darker than the actual paint in real life 06 December 2014
Perfect and hard to find colour No smell, deep moss green looks wonderful and it seems to be covering years of hard use underneath with a good non gloss finish. 06 December 2014
Poor finish issues with bubbles We got this Studio Green paint as a recommendation from our Interior designer for our feature bedroom wall. On paper it looked great. However on application (duly using undercoat and primer) we found the paint left small bubbles all over. The painter did three coats and still could not remove the bubbles from the surface. I can't upload the pictures as the web gateway keeps on crashing (now thrice). Anyway really poor finish quality which we are now stuck with. My interior designer was shocked with the results. We have been using F&B paints all throughout the house and generally they have worked well but not this time. 14 November 2014
Elegant colour but tricky product to apply A very good elegant dark green for a front door. I used the exterior eggshell finish which was more forgiving of the imperfections in the old woodwork than the full gloss version. I did find the paint quite difficult to use because it only gives you one chance to get it right - if you try to correct sagging or brushmarks, even within a minute or two, the finish is spoiled. I gave the door three coats on top of the dark tones undercoat. 28 October 2014
The worst paint I have ever used This was the first time I have used farrow and ball emulsion, I have used eggshell and gloss paints before and was very happy with the result. But my experience with this paint was terrible. I followed the instructions on the tin thoroughly stirring the paint for a few minites before pouring it into my tray and beginning to paint. The paint seemed to cover quite well bit I noticed it there were darker and lighter patches. I worked over this with a roller hoped the patches would disappear when it had dried. After it had dried the wall looked as though the paint has separated with some areas with more pigment and some thin. I did a further 3 coats this time stirring for a full 10 minutes before painting. The results are not good, as soon as you stop stirring the paint you can see it separate . My wall looks like I have mixed matt emulation and gloss paint together. With shiny patches and matt . it is going to be a nightmare to sort out. I just hope this was a bad batch because I really like this colour and wanted to use it! 28 October 2014
Great color, low odor, easy clean up This was my first time using Farrow & Ball paint and I was thoroughly impressed. The color went on smooth and after two coats looked perfect. The paint is water-based and therefore very easy to clean. I was also painting a small windowless bathroom and I did not notice any strong odor and I didn't get the stuffy nose I normally get with regular paint. Except for the price (which is a little high given that I'm in a rental), I would definitely buy F&B again. 26 October 2014
darkest green I chose this colour in exterior gloss for my new front door. It seemed reminiscent of the Victorian 'Deep Brunswick Green' shade that the original door would likely have been. I have not used water based gloss before. It dries much darker than the colour in the can. I found I was getting brush marks so sanded back before doing the final coat with a foam roller, which gave a much smoother finish. I found it a little harder to use than oil based gloss but being able to clean up without the white spirit was a bonus. The colour works really well with the edged glass and chrome hardware. I'm very pleased with it. The only problem is that my iron gate now looks tatty in comparison so I'll have to paint that too! 13 July 2014
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