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Dead Flat

Doors and book shelves in Railings Dead Flat Doors and book shelves in Railings No.31 | Dead Flat.

For sympathetic decorating of historic and traditional properties, our specialist finishes are the essential ingredients for creating an authentic look

Dead Flat

Dead Flat is a traditional, very flat matt finish, suited best to interior wood, plaster and metal surfaces, and comes in all 132 of our colours. This finish is the modern answer to ‘flatted lead’ used in the second quarter of the 18th century and is chosen today to either make a design statement, or when attempting to authentically replicate the traditional look of a period property. Perfectly suited to less busy areas, Dead Flat has an exceptionally matt, elegant finish.

Dead Flat is:

  • Very flat matt finish, 2% sheen level
  • Quick drying
  • Eco-friendly, minimal VOC
  • Water based, low odour and safe for children and pets


Use Interior woodwork, plaster and metal including radiators
Colours available 132
Sheen level 2%
Drying time Dry in 2 hours, repaint in 4 hours

Available tin sizes and coverage (ft2)


750ml: 95ft2


1 Gallon: 480ft2