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Red-Based Neutrals

Entrance Halls In Farrow & Ball Paint
Entrance hall walls in Archive No.227 and London Stone No.6, ceiling in Dimity No.2008 and woodwork in Pointing No.2003 | Modern Emulsion, Estate Emulsion & Estate Eggshell

The red base in these ageless neutrals creates the warmest of all the neutral families. They work beautifully in traditional situations but are also particularly useful in contemporary homes. The Red Based Neutrals are easily combined with the leather and stone so often used in homes today.

Accents to the Red Based Neutrals should be quite strong, colours like London Stone, London Clay and Eating Room Red will all emphasise the warm red undertones in these colours. Softer wallpapers like Brompton Star BP501 or Ringwold BP1601 work well with this neutral family.

Dead Salmon, Book Room Red, Lichen and Oval Room Blue all have a warmth that makes them work as coloured accents to the Red Based Neutrals. Suiting this understated family, they are not clean, fresh colours, but rather feel steeped in history creating a serene and subtle look.