Colour Card

The renowned Farrow & Ball Colour Card, featuring our edited palette of 132 colours and the story behind each one. Compare enduringly popular neutrals like Pointing and Wimborne White, bold statement colours such as Charlotte’s Locks or Hague Blue and everything in between. Also included is our Inspiration Booklet, containing over 80 images, with plenty of schemes and inspiration whatever the vision you have for your home.

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Too small! The color card is way too small for any use beyond just a quick understanding of the F&B color range. As a professional I need larger samples in order to thoughtfully consider F&B as a part of a palette, and to present your paints to my clients 21 May 2015
lovely paint I have used your product before we had taken lots of the paint to Tuscany we painted our Villa and its lovely paint would recommend it to anyone, top quality. 21 May 2015
The product has nice dégrade colour The création of a impression moderne With softly shinning surface is a gréât product since it is better standing on surfaces and slightly shinning too Also additionnal brightning colour exist in the paint for ground With a 50 % Shinning paint and even more shinning With laques finally The qualite is very good and it is of gréât utility 21 May 2015
Excell Colour Card The quality of the colour card and supporting material is absolutely fantastic and has really helped me in deciding on the final finishes for my hall and living room. Cannot wait to see the finished results. Thank you. 20 May 2015
Colour is Everything Colour defines a space. Certain colours pass in and out of fashion, but others endure because of their inherent nature. That is to say, they accord well to man's need for harmony in his living environment. The colours of Farrow & Ball presented on the Colour Card I received have passed the test of time and have long been a complement to his ambient environment. An essential reason for this is that they are, by and large, based upon natural, earth pigments and formed the artist's palette up until the middle of the 19th century, when synthetic colours were developed. Especially in the decoration of historic buildings, they are eminently suited. However, in the modern home they also can take their place in providing the necessary backdrop for good taste and man's well-being. One should not be afraid of colour, and bold colours should not be shunned because of the modern passion for white walls and ceilings. White, also, is certainly a colour, but it does not exist in its pure state anywhere in nature and is extremely difficult as a living environment, even for modern man. Why? Because it is artificial and reminds one, subconsciously, of one's own artificiality in trying to maintain it unblemished. Although humans may be born unblemished, it does not take long for one to succumb to the trials of the world. Pure white reminds one only too well of one's own blemished nature. Therefore, colour is everything. A harmonious environment is essential. The Colour Card palette of Farrow & Ball, based upon natural, earth pigments, can provide one with the basis for well-being in one's daily life. 20 May 2015
Lovely range of colours. Enjoying looking for the colours I want , helpful ideas of shades to use together 19 May 2015
Pale powder.....eggshell Pale powder.....the colour was more like a very pale cold mint green it was not a blue/green muted colour and was not easy to apply on a wooden dresser which did have undercoat before the farrow and ball colour was applied, very streaky finish and really disappointed. 18 May 2015
Excellent customer service. Remodeling my home is requiring me to try to figure out so many decisions. Thank you for not only mailing your color wheel to me but also mailing booklets about the color groups and considerations regarding light orientation. I like the composition of your paints so much. Thank you! I don't have any photos yet but will forward one when I do. 18 May 2015
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