No. 2008

* Samples available in Estate Emulsion only. Colours on screen may vary from actual paint.

Dimity is named after fabric originally used to make bustles but now more usually used for bedding. It is part of our Red Based Neutrals group and has a delightfully warm undertone which makes it perfect for little girl's bedrooms or for elegant, understated hallways. It can be combined with All White or Pointing if you want it to read more pink or with the darker Oxford Stone on woodwork for a more relaxed look. White & Light Tones Undercoat.

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Lovely soft contrast to 500 year old beams Perfectly suits our 500 year old house..we have used it between the heavy beams on all the walls throughout with Pointing on the ceilings. 10 April 2015
A wonderful light and warm colour. Having not used Farrow and Ball products before, I thought I would give them a try, I'm definitely converted, I have purchased the primers, and used Dimity in my dining room, which doesn't have much natural light, and the colour looks great, really lightens the room and adds warmth, I have purchased more to paint my hall, stairs and landing, after using the correct primer, I just needed 2 coats, and I used the all white eggshell paint on the woodwork, which looks great, I am now using many other Farrow and Ball colours , excellent quality, would definitely recommend these top quality products. 22 March 2015
Evening artificial lighting may give you a wall colour you do not want After much colour due diligence Dimity estate emulsion was chosen and applied.... two coats.... to my entire lower living area. The expectation was a casually elegant neutral with a subtle red undertone as described in everything "official" I read about the Dimity colour. Also as viewed on my sample 60 cm x 120 cm Dimity cards (2 coats) painted with the sample paint pots.. I viewed the cards in daytime and evening lighting situations. I have magentas, corals, and other red based accent colours and the large painted sample cards in Dimity worked well with these accent colours. The living room, kitchen and family room face south and receive much natural sunlight for most of the day. The dining room and entry hall receive north and east light. The stairwell to the second floor receives little light. On completion, disappointment set in. The Dimity colour as applied does not show red undertone . Even in the north and east facing rooms where the light is cooler it is a definite yellowish cream, the very colour I originally had on the walls and was so very tired of. The stairwell is a yellowish grey 24/7. Evening is the most disappointing. The rooms' lighting .... halogen lamps and halogen ceiling pot lights ...is a constant , not changing as with natural daylight . Halogens make the room a deeper yellow cream. No red undertone to be seen. When the halogen pots are dimmed down as they are meant to be , the rooms are a reddish gold and to my eye harsh. To be fair, I see red undertones and sometimes mauve in the way I expected in the early morning and late afternoon and it is very attractive. But the rest of the day and the evening the lower level is a definite yellow-cream to reddish -gold. I could have left my walls the way they were and saved a lot of money and days of painting time. With all the new lighting types on the market, halogen, LED, incandescent, compact fluorescent to name a few, F and B , in my opinion should, with their website and brochure colour descriptions advise what the paints will look like under various artificial lighting and Kelvin ratings i.e. 2500K and 3500K the most usual in homes these days. To just talk about the effect of daylight on the paint colours when most people are away all day at work is not helpful. I was both surprised and disappointed when my project was finished . I probably will not use F and B again. For the record, I have a masters degree in design from a USA "Ivey League" university and I am an accomplished gallery quality artist. ...So I know colour and how it should work. 20 March 2015
Lovely colour this paint colour is one my favourite colours. It makes a room light yet warm looking. I have used this colour for a living room and hall stairs and landing. 20 March 2015
best paint we have ever used. Very helpful advice, delivered quickly, went on our hall and stair well beautifully, needed three coats due to colour already on walls. No complaints at all. Very happy with result. 28 February 2015
Good quality makes a good job, even for amateurs Over the last eighteen months my partner and I have been redecorating his house, an 1860s railwaymen's cottage which had been badly beaten up by previous occupants. We have been using Dimity throughout with touches of Oxford Stone in the alcoves. The paint quality is wonderful - it covers well and is luminous in all types of light. Had a steep learning curve in painting technique, as we have had to resist going back over drying patches (ended up with lots of roller tracks that had to be repainted). It is so quick-drying that we got caught out! Really pleased with all F & B products, including rollers and brushes. Not cheap but worth the money.t 27 February 2015
Lightens a dark room. We used this in a room with no windows, only glass doors to other rooms. The room already had a fireplace with a pink-beige marble insert, so our usual yellow-based colours would have clashed. Dimity has lightened the room significantly (from apricot), and has made it feel larger and better proportioned. We used 'All White' on the ceiling and skirting and Dimity eggshell on radiators and bookcase. It goes equally well with the oak fire-surround, antique pine doors and mahogany piano and I think it works with both traditional and contemporary furnishings. Undoubtedly our most sophisticated room. 20 February 2015
Brightens even a North Facing Room I used a really good base coat (twice) as I was having to cover a more intense colour. This enabled my choice of paint, Dimity, to be unaffected by any base/previous colours. It has really lightened my North facing kitchen, with both warm yet very clean tones and really lifts the darkened solid wood units. I used 2 coats of Dimity to get the professional finish I was seeking. I also invested in a Farrow & Ball paintbrush which made the whole painting process much more enjoyable and less arduous. Dimity over a white base coat is a very light yet warm colour without any yellowy/aged magnolia undertones - very clean and crisp. 23 January 2015
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