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* Samples available in Estate Emulsion only. Colours on screen may vary from actual paint.

Mahogany is a rich brown which is packed with warm tones that prevent it from feeling too flat when used either in interiors or exteriors. The natural nuances of the wood of the same name appear when used on walls to create a comforting womb like space. Often used with Setting Plaster to enhance historic art and antique furniture. Dark Tones Undercoat.

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Revive old dull stairs to a new look After removal of the carpet covering the stairs(typical council house stairs from 50s) I noticed that the stairs were originally painted around an original runner like more council houses were in the 50s and I said to have a go with painting them instead of a new carpet. After removing the original paint, patched the holes, sand paper etc I had to decide which floor paint to use. Choosing floor paint is a difficult one due the following reasons: 1) Colour range not very large generally (not in the the case of F&B!). 2) Difficult to paint stairs when somebody is inside the house and you have to paint alternative steps at a time 3) There is either solvent based one or water based. 4) Solvent base ones come in 2.5- 5 litre only in UK and sometime one needs much less. Need 8 hrs for touch dry and 3 days to dry 5) Floor paint is very expensive due to special binders required I have chosen at the end F&B and here are my findings: 1) Dry time about 4-6 hours. Paint in the evening and in the morning you can walk on the stairs. 2) The paint is very easy to work with and offers large coverage. 3) The cans are metallic and very good quality for storage keeping the content airtight. I strongly recommend using a very good quality brush and roller with bearings for a perfect finish. 4) More than 8 months of use the paint is in its original condition, there were only few tiny places where the where paints come off that I have cured it easily with a drop of paint. The stairs, in any household have heavy use so this is expected. To complete my project I used the following paints: 1) 1liter Zinsser Bin Shelac primer white sealer (there is an equivalent F&B that I discovered later). That is based on shelac & methylated spirit and dry extremely quickly(1 minute !) 2) F&B white floor primer everywhere. 3) 1 x750ml F&B primer and undercoat for dark tones for the 15 steps,1xrail,3 posts, and 2xlandings. I have used less than half a can. 4) 1x 750 ml F&B Mahogany floor paint. I have used a little more than half a can for two coats. 5) About 1 l of F&B All-white floor paint in various areas like raisers or skirting (see picture) in two coats. There is a lot of work to complete such a project(preparation take 80% of the time) and the cost of all materials is around 150-200£ but the results speak for themselves. 05 February 2015
Great product We used the floor paint on our stairs and in all the bedrooms. It looks great and covers really well. We used the appropriate primer first! We're going to use this on our living room floor next. 26 August 2014
perfect complement to antique stained oak I had a custom made storm door of white oak stained a dark oak/mahogany hue & needed a colour for the exterior of my original antique oak door that would harmonize nicely. I made a terrible mistake with a Benjamin Moore product that ended up looking slickly purple, but then was redeemed by this perfect choice. Perfect perfect perfect. Made me look like a genius. 27 June 2014
Exactly as expected, though surprised along the way! I bought this paint along with the dark paint undercoat from F&B online. Incredibly quick and easy (and a bit cheaper than buying in the local homebase). Both went on easily with a roller to reduce brush marks. At first coat, with the mahogany, I was a little apprehensive as it's a rather bright purple when wet. But dries to a beautiful, rich, dark nutty (with a hint of purple) brown. Lovely. Highly recommend. 29 March 2014
Beware Difficult Matt Dark Colours I bought this colour in Estate Emulsion (a very matt finish) to decorate my cinema room. Initially I'd tried putting it on with a brush as I'd successfully managed with a lighter colour in Modern emulsion, but where the patches overlap, there is very obviousl 'flashing' where the finish goes from very matt to slightly less matt. Ultimately the only way to apply this paint flawlessly I have found is to use a roller on a pole and to roll from ceiling to floor in overlapping strokes (overlap by 2/3 of a stroke) and cover the wall in a single session with no breaks. You must keep a wet edge at all times, or you will get a 'join'. Also, the finish, being very matt and absorbent, picks up fingerprints and other touch marks very obviously. They are apparent as 'shiny' patches. I haven't tried to touch up the finish, but I suspect it is not going to be easy to touch up without looking obvious. Luckily I have sufficient paint left that I can over-paint an entire wall if I need to. Once painted, the finish (in its virgin state) is lovely. Very matt, and the brown is very rich and neutral (not tending towards purple or other colours). On reflection, I'd probably opt for Modern Emulsion if I did it again, for the sake of pure practicality. I'm sure Estate Emulsion is great for light and mid-tones, but for darks, it seems too high maintenance. 07 August 2013
Perfect for doors which were previously 'grained'. We had a number of grained doors, dating from the 20s/30s, in our boot room and old kitchen. Mahogany paint looks better than the original, and also blends well with Elizabethan beams. Absolute dream to put on, though it did need two generous coats plus undercoat. 25 January 2013
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