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Our Latest & Greatest wallpapers

Enigma Inspiration

Alan Turing was a British mathematician who was passionate about his ideas and paved the way for modern computing. After going to Sherborne School, a boarding school close to our home in Wimborne, Dorset, he began to study more advanced ideas that pushed him ahead of the syllabus – he was a true mathematical visionary.

In 1939 after two years developing ideas about secret ciphers at Princeton, Turing returned to the UK and joined a secret code-breaking department of the government to aid them in their efforts. In July of that year after being provided with crucial information about the German Enigma machine from the Polish Cipher Bureau, he worked alongside other mathematicians at Bletchley Park to develop a new machine that broke the code on their military and naval signals.

The interlocking rectangles of our brand new Enigma wallpaper pattern is deceptively simple yet dynamic. The bold and invigorating pattern comes in a number of different colourways ranging from the subtle to the more eye-catching. Order your complimentary samples to discover how this enchanting pattern can enhance your space.


Gable Inspiration

One of our new collection of wallpaper patterns has taken its inspiration from a typically British sight – quaint country cottages, picket fences and farmyard animals. This earthy and rustic aesthetic is something that we wanted to combine with our thoughtfully created colour palette to create a playful pattern that will enliven homes.

Set on a landscape of rolling hills, this whimsically imaginative paper is filled with woolly sheep, a flock of doves and even a playful pooch. At the heart of the paper lies the farm itself, and brings us to the meaning behind the name. ‘Gable’ is an architectural term that refers to the triangular part of the wall a roof sits on, and in this pattern the angular lines are perfectly offset by the curve of the hills and the shapes of the trees.

This wallpaper is filled with charming details that will evoke a sense of nostalgia and old-worldliness to any style of home.


Arcade Inspiration

Design in the 1940s marked the transition from geometric and graphic shapes in the 1920s and 1930s, to the emerging of bright florals that started to appear in fabric and wallpaper designs. It also moved on from the streamlining of interior space back to a time of embellishment and artistry. This change in aesthetics prompted a design period of contradiction – the world wanted to move on, but at the same time taking comfort in the familiarity of the past.

A key time in design, the 1940s sparked the emergence of the mid-century Palm Springs look and feel with furniture brands such as Eames starting to create their iconic pieces for which they are renowned today.

Arcade embodies the meeting of traditional and modern that characterised this time – it is a soft and romantic take on the classic curve with the beautifully tactile scallops creating a sophisticated feel. Available in a number of colourways Arcade also carries a more modern aesthetic with flecks of metallic gold.