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Perfect Preparation & Application: Preparing Wallpaper

The following guidelines apply to the dragged, striped and patterned wallpapers.


  • Remove any traces of dirt, old wallpaper or flaking paint.
  • Cracks and irregularities should be filled with a suitable filler.
  • All surfaces must be clean and dry.
  • Damp walls should be treated before hanging.
  • Unsound paint should be sealed with an appropriate primer.
  • Gloss painted surfaces should be sanded before hanging.
  • Absorbent surfaces such as new plaster should be sized before hanging.
  • For the best possible finish we recommend that walls are horizontally cross lined with a good quality, medium to heavyweight lining paper (1200 - 1400 grade) and allowed to dry for a minimum of 12 hours prior to applying Farrow & Ball wallpaper.


  • We recommend the use of Farrow & Ball Wallpaper Paste, which is specially formulated as the perfect paste for Farrow & Ball wallpapers which are 140gsm and are classified as medium to heavy grade paper.
  • Apply a generous, even coat of paste over the paper, working from the centre outwards. Ensure that the edges are well pasted but avoid paste coming into contact with the pattern side of the paper. Fold the paper with the adhesive side innermost and allow the paper to soak for 10 minutes, until pliable. If the paper becomes too wet it will shrink back as it dries.


  • Check that the wallpaper rolls are undamaged and that the wallpaper and colourway are correct.
  • Check pattern repeat before cutting lengths according to the height of the wall and allow two to three inches at the top and bottom for trimming.
  • If the papers are batch numbered they should be hung consecutively.
  • For dragged papers it is important to reverse the top and bottom on each alternative length hung.
  • As our papers have a traditional matt finish, any paste left on the paper can show as shiny patches so please ensure any excess paste is completely and carefully removed before it dries. Ensure paper edges butt up to subsequent lengths and avoid overlapping the edges. For best results we recommend that any central heating is turned off overnight to allow the paper to dry naturally.
  • Please refer to the Product Advice Sheet for more detailed information.
Preparing Wallpaper
Wallpaper: Peony BP 2316
Floor: Lamp Room Gray No.88 Floor Paint
Trim: All White No.2005 Estate Eggshell


For a complete list of downloadable advice sheets (PDF) please click here.