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Plummett No.272

Plummett No.272

Named after the lead weight used to sink a fishing line, this mid-tone grey is appropriate for interior as well as exterior use as often seen in Gothic architecture. Plummett, which has a smart and sophisticated feel, works well when combined with Blackened on ceilings and woodwork.

The strength of Plummett makes it a very good colour to bring some grounding to a room. Try painting a central table in Porphyry Pink and paint the legs in Plummett.

If you want to create some real drama, use Plummett on both walls and woodwork and team it with Teresa’s Green or Dix Blue on the floor.

Colour Schemes for Plummett No.272

Calluna Plummett Blackened         Incarnadine Plummett Cabbage White         Down Pipe Plummett Manor House Gray
Calluna                   Blackened       Incarnadine           Cabbage          Down Pipe                Manor House
                                                                                               White                                                   Gray