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Featured Wallpaper



Tourbillon is taken from the Ducharne studio which created designs for some of the most famous couture houses in France from the 1920s to 1960s. The paper is composed of segmented circles which blend to give a graphic look.


Our paints

An unrivalled depth of colour

We’ve been scrupulous in our quest to create unmatchable paints since the company was founded by paint pioneers John Farrow and Richard Ball. Their passion lives on today as their original formulations and production techniques have changed little over the years.

There is true alchemy to our paints. It’s the high levels of pigment, rich resin binders, and the high refractory nature of our key ingredients that produces that signature immersive depth of colour.

We believe paint is more than a veneer. There’s a reason Borrowed Light® is the precise colour of sunlight across shade. With interior and exterior, modern and traditional finishes available, our paints are created to shape homes. They’re water based and kind to the environment too, proving that beauty doesn’t have to cost the earth.

We specialise in attention to detail and exquisite quality and it’s our pernickety approach towards every batch of paint, however large or small, that ensures our paints meet our obsessively high requirements. So whether you buy 5L or 500L of Elephant’s Breath® we’ll check every tin for finish, and colour accuracy with equal fastidiousness.

We take as much time and care choosing our colours, offering an edited palette of 132 paint colours that have really earned their place on our colour card. Our distinctive colour names, many of which are historically rooted, are just as imperative.

Our quirky paint names are iconic– who else would name a paint Elephant’s Breath? The colour names have meaning though, Dead Salmon for example, comes from a painting bill for the library at Kedleston Hall of 1805, and the Dead actually refers to the paint finish used. Meticulously researched and reflecting our unique heritage the names are as much part of our colours as the shades themselves.

Farrow & Ball oil based paint finishes are no longer available.

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