Mouse's Back

No. 40

* Samples available in Estate Emulsion only. Colours on screen may vary from actual paint.

Mouse’s Back’s huge popularity comes not only from its descriptive name but from its quiet nature – a green based grey/brown which feels soft in both large and small rooms. It will read more green when used on the walls in underlit rooms and is the perfect accent on furniture or floors when combined with many traditional colours, from Mizzle to Hay. Dark Tones Undercoat.

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Mouse's Back 4.5 5 22 22
Beautiful colour, problem with bubbling I particularly like this colour but am hugely disappointed that having finished painting my conservatory in eggshell, a week or so later the interior cill started to bubble. Bubbles were sanded right back, under coated and recoated. Ok on the first recoat, bubbled again on the next in slightly different locations. Four (I think, could be five) attempts at sanding and recoating and the same problem is reoccurring, each time in slightly different locations. Yet another bubble today! My partner who painted the conservatory is a professional painter and decorator and is rapidly losing faith in the product and becoming increasingly concerned that I would have liked Farrow and Ball throughout our house. Help! 09 June 2015
Classic and Elegant! After long search, I finally found this paint for my Edwardian hall and stairs. Hall is not small, but long and often dark. I tried first "off whitish" color, but did look so boring. and then I tried MANY sample pots from F & B, and other equally expensive brands and major big D****trade. After tried these, I reached to the conclusion that I should stick to F & B. The reasons are; 1. Quality. very smooth finish(I used Estate emulsion). Some of other brands are thicker and cover better, but finish wasn't smooth. F & B paints also have nice sheen. 2. "color scheme advice on home page" and " F & B Books" are very helpful for amateur decorator like me. Also F & B customer advice team always answers to my questions promptly. I used Mouse's back Estate Emulsion for walls and Slipper Satin for ceiling and other wood inc. skirting. For ceiling, I previously tried left-over "pure brilliant white" and also F&B Strong white, but both were too white for Mouse's back. Slipper satin looks warm and classic and good match with M. Back. I was genuinely surprised to see that Mouse's back was very popular among the visitors over Christmas and many wanted to know exactly what paint i used. I thought this color might not be liked by everyone, but even the people who were " off white" devotee loved it! My strong advice is "If you started painting the wall in this color, please stick to it until you finally finish as this color looks awful to start with, very dirty looking, but it looks fantastic when you finished 3 coats and white wood. I love this color. 02 January 2015
This masculine colour brought my room together This colour is masculine, incredible expensive looking and restful. I used it to paint a large Victorian pine wardrobe. My bedroom has a linen shade of white painted floorboards and Wimborne white walls, with heavy linen stone and charcoal coloured curtains in the bay window at the other side of the room. My bedding is white linen with muted throws and cushions, and the headboard is also a stone linen and this colour on the wardrobe brought everything together. I painted my Vintage Regency Chest of Drawers in Bone and that tones incredibly well. 15 November 2014
Be careful when ordering eggshell We had our kitchen units painted in Farrows Cream, looked beautiful for 12 years and decided on a change. At great expense ordered 'flat eggshell' of this colour and had repainted. Looked fantastic for about a day until we started to note that EVERY time it was touched it left finger marks. If you wiped off it left a wipe mark. Turns out this is not suitable for kitchen units (not sure where it would be ideal - certainly only somewhere no one can touch) and you need satin eggshell. Please don't make this mistake, as it is costing more to put right than to do. Ironically the colour itself is nice, but does polarise opinion (friends love it or hate it). 10 November 2014
worth a try I bought Mouse's Back as a sample to compare with Clunch as a color for my living and/or dining room. Mouse's Back turned out to be an interesting but challenging color - the brown-green / taupe was too dark for my application. However, as a result of testing Mouse's Back, I realized that the brown tones I was looking for were already in the landscape beyond (in tree trunks and branches) and that a light neutral such as Clunch on the interior wall provided a beautiful complement to rich browns on the outside. 31 August 2014
excellent paint, easy to use, colour is perfect Painted the old stone fire place in dead flat oil mouses back and it looks stunning. I had emulsioned the walls in blue grey and they match each other really well. F & B colours and finishes are a must in our early 18th century country house. This was the first time I had used the internet for paint, and the delivery time was unbelievably quick. But one critcism, the tin was badly dented, so maybe a different courier or better packaging. My husband has seen inside these depots and he says they just throw the parcels about one top of the other. 10 August 2014
enjoyable to use for the first time i actually enjoyed painting. this paint not only glides over the surface, but leaves no brush marks, no smell and the brushes wash out in water!! The depth of colour is truly beautiful too 30 July 2014
excellent product Lovely colour even though it is a bit lighter than I expected 23 June 2014
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