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Featured Wallpaper



Tourbillon is taken from the Ducharne studio which created designs for some of the most famous couture houses in France from the 1920s to 1960s. The paper is composed of segmented circles which blend to give a graphic look.


Decorating Ideas


Kitchens tend to be one of the busiest areas of the home, so a calming colour such as James White No.2010 could be the perfect foil. The green base of the colour connects it with nature and it is particularly effective in kitchens with adjoining conservatories or kitchens which lead onto gardens. Try James White No.2010 on the walls and Vert de Terre No.234 on the kitchen units to retain the ultimate feeling of calm.

  • James White James White
  • Vert de Terre Vert de Terre

For wooden kitchen units which are unpainted, try Joa’s White No.226 on the walls as it sits very sympathetically with oak, maple and cherry wood. If you have darker mahogany or walnut units, Setting Plaster No.231 works very harmoniously on the walls. Both Joa’s White No.226 and Setting Plaster No.231 have a natural warm earthiness to them which will enhance the properties of wood.

  • Joa's White Joa's White
  • Setting Plaster Setting Plaster

Wall: Shaded White No.201 Modern Emulsion
Woodwork: London Stone No.6 Estate Eggshell
Ceiling: Strong White No.2001 Modern Emulsion