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Kitchen Inspiration

Kitchen Painted In Farrow & Ball String And Card Room Green
Kitchen in String No.8 and Card Room Green No.79 | Modern Emulsion & Estate Eggshell

Bring Nature In

Green hues help to bring some of nature back in to the home and work especially well if you have a kitchen that looks out on to a garden.

Mizzle is a beautiful grey green that could be used on your cupboards to complement a neutral shade on the wall, such as Dimpse. Pigeon is another wonderful and easy to live with colour; darker than Mizzle but with the same calm, grey properties it’s ideal for painting a kitchen island.

Kitchen Painted In Farrow & Ball Wimborne White No.239, Modern Emulsion
Kitchen in Wimborne White No.239 | Modern Emulsion
Kitchen Painted In Farrow & Ball Mizzle, Dix Blue, Wimborne White, Manor House Gray And Porphyry Pink
Kitchen wall below picture rail: Mizzle No.266, Wall above picture rail: Dix Blue No.82, ceiling: Wimborne White No.239, table top: Manor House Gray No.265 and table legs: Porphyry Pink No.49 | Modern Emulsion & Estate Eggshell


Kitchens are a great place to add striking colour, adding interest to the rooms which can be dominated by white or chrome appliances. Sunny yellows, rich reds, and retro oranges will all provide an injection of colour to a kitchen.

Kitchen Painted In Farrow & Ball Yellowcake No.279, Modern Emulsion
Kitchen in Yellowcake No.279 | Modern Emulsion
Kitchen Painted In Farrow & Ball Charlotte's Locks And All White
Kitchen in Charlotte's Locks No.268 and All White No.2005 | Modern Emulsion

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting cabinets is a quick and simple way to upgrade the look of your kitchen. Depending on the look and amount of sheen you’d like, you can use either Estate Eggshell or Full Gloss, both of which are available in all 132 colours.

If you want the cabinets to become the focal point of the space choose richer colours like Pelt or Railings. These strong tones, particularly if used on lower level cabinets, will really ground the space and make everything above them seem lighter. For a classic look, paint cabinets London Stone, against Savage Ground walls, or for something more contemporary paint cabinets Strong White against Cornforth White walls.

Kitchen Painted In Farrow & Ball Blazer And Railings
Kitchen wall in Blazer No.212 and cabinet in Railings No.31 | Modern Emulsion & Estate Eggshell
Kitchen Painted In Farrow & Ball Savage Ground, London Stone And Off-White
Kitchen wall in Savage Ground No.213, units: London Stone No.6 and Off-White No.3 | Modern Emulsion & Estate Eggshell

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