James White

No. 2010

* Samples available in Estate Emulsion only. Colours on screen may vary from actual paint.

James White has a fresh underlying green which creates soothing, calm, airy feeling rooms, so is particularly useful for darker spaces. James White was first created for a pretty garden room, so has a fresh underlying green. When used with no contrasts it creates the most calm and airy of rooms, with a particularly soothing feel so it is often favoured in the bedrooms of the super stressed. It will look more green both when used in contrast with All White and in north facing rooms. White & Light Tones Undercoat.

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James White 4.7 5 20 20
calming and gentle white The paint goes on beautifully, I was very careful to follow the instructions about brush strokes and the finish was superb. Teamed with breakfast room green it has a wonderful botanic feel to the room 19 May 2015
Beautiful green tinged white We bought this for north facing hall, stairs and landings and a south facing bedroom and it's proved to be a lovely colour for all rooms / areas. You don't look at it and immediately think "that's green!" but there is a very definite green tinge to it, and I've found it very different to the swatch on the website so worth buying a tester pot. As others have remarked, it seems to change colour depending on the light, which gives it some interest. It manages to be cool and tranquil without being cold, if that makes sense. 23 March 2015
Transformed the bathroom into a tranquil haven. My west facing bathroom was painted white, I wanted to make it more interesting but no colours would work in the space, even ones that worked in the adjacent room. I bought the tester pot just to see if it was the right colour for radiators that I didn't want to be brilliant white; I slapped some on the wall out of curiosity - then went and ordered a tin straight away because it was unexpectedly lovely. It took the bathroom from cold and bare to soothing yet interesting, giving the room character and depth without needing to add any strong colour. It changes colour all day long and all of them work. Love it. 15 December 2014
A stunning colour I bought this colour for a south facing bedroom to be used on all the walls. It's absolutely stunning a beautiful tranquil colour with a real hint of green. It feels very fresh yet soft at the same time. Loved it so much used it again in our downstairs loo with the estate eggshell in the same colour on the panelling! 26 November 2014
A definite hint of green - but lovely As is usually the case the colour swatch online doesn't do the paint justice. The 'hint of green' they say is in the James White is almost like the inside of an apple - a crisp white. It surprised me at first but has grown on me and now I love it. I've used it with the green Vert de Terre and the 2 are a perfect match. The Estate Emulsion has a lovely 'sandy looking' finish. Really nice to paint with and the walls in the kitchen look great! 26 August 2014
Good depth of colour In keeping with my experience of your products it did not disappoint. The finished article looks as hoped for. The fact that unlike some competitors products yours will always require two coats gives that even non-streaky finish. Well pleased. 24 June 2014
Good paint but colour misleading Paint looks very professional on the walls, however it is much greener than I thought from looking at the shade in the paint chart and the description. It is definitely pale green and not 'white with underlying green'. 01 June 2014
Strange - citrusy undertones I love F&B paints and have used them throughout - but I have just used this in my large (long but not wide) kitchen which has bi-fold doors to the garden and two windows on one side - and am not loving it. I chose this because it is meant to have green undertones and be good in rooms next to gardens. I would have to say that it is more yellow/lime than green and I am really struggling to like it - but reluctant to pay for more paint and two days of painters' time to redo it! In addition, we could not identify a good F&B white for the lowish ceiling and have ended up with a standard white trade matt that has a good powdery finish - however, it looks dingy against the James' White - perhaps the correct F&B white might help both the dinginess and to 'knock back' the wall colour a bit - any suggestions on which to use (units are in Shaded White and French Gray)? 29 May 2014
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