Hague Blue

No. 30

* Samples available in Estate Emulsion only. Colours on screen may vary from actual paint.

Hague Blue gets its name from the strongly coloured exterior woodwork much used by the Dutch, and still works fantastically well to ground skirtings or as an accent colour in little boys' rooms when teamed with Borrowed Light on the walls. It sits as happily outside as it does in small dark rooms, and feels suitably aged in both. Dark Tones Undercoat.

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Beautiful depth of color I used Hague Blue on grasscloth wallpaper lining the backs of built-in shelving in my family room. I know now why Farrow & Ball is regularly named by interior designers as the best. One coat of this paint (high gloss) produced perfect results. I could not be happier. 01 June 2015
Expensive Mistake I did quite a bit of research before buying Hague Blue estate emulsion from the F&B HQ shop. I knew from what others had said, it was a gamble as to whether the finish would work. I painted dark tones undercoat onto a mix of brand new lining paper (hung for a month before painting) and 6 year old lining paper already with a coat of magnolia. The paint itself is runny and making it very difficult to work with, yet it has a strange elastic consistency too, when applied to the walls it smears around and sticks to itself far better than any wall surface. After the first coat I was in two minds whether to continue, it's not enjoyable to use but I decided to proceed. I did 2 coats of dark tones undercoat, it took very well on the new lining paper but was so runny and wet that it caused the paper to lift, the paper had been up for a month and seemed very well stuck. Thankfully it shrunk back and re-stuck as the paint dried. It smeared about over the magnolia emulsion paint so a 3rd coat was applied. It then took a further 2-3 coats to cover the undercoat with Hague blue, I used almost every drop of my 2.5L tin despite the coverage suggesting it could cover more. As with most jobs there were a couple of slightly bare patches that needed a touch up, so I went ahead.....BIG MISTAKE! The small touch up areas look terrible, a totally different shade and even texture to the rest. There is no way on earth that I'm buying any more of this horrible paint. Just touching it with a finger leaves a mark on the wall and blue on your finger. In conclusion, I found that it is not fit for purpose. I wish I'd listened to the bad reviews I read and spent my money elsewhere. The colour is great but I don't see it when I look at the walls I see the growing number of imperfections. I have now selected a competitors paint in a similar colour and will have to re-do the entire room. I've been decorating my entire house recently and used a number of brands, have not had any problems with the others. I wanted this colour so I decided to risk it on my lounge, won't happen again! 26 May 2015
Rich colour I got this colour in full gloss for a small powder room's walls and ceiling, and it was very dramatic! An intense, deep, rich blue - almost greenish in some lights but that dissolves with more coats. 17 February 2015
Beautiful colour beautiful finish I used Hague Blue for a feature wall in my son's bedroom. My husband made some lovely chunky pine floating shelves to display my son's trophys on. The dark blue really sets them off. I just love the chalky flat finish of Farrow & Ball paint. Onto the next room now! 09 February 2015
Lovely dark rich colour I am a total novice to painting and I found this quite easy to use. It took 3 coats to get the necessary depth of colour but our cloakroom looks great now. I would definitely use the colour again. 08 December 2014
Not as awesome as I was hoping I'm a fan of F&B paints and really wanted to love this one. I painted a feature wall in an underground studio control room and unfortunately it just feels too dark - I have a feeling that this would be much better suited to a room with some lovely natural light. I'm going to try a few funky up-lighters to see if I can improve the feel. The quality is top notch though, and I was amazed how excellent the coverage was with only one coat. 03 December 2014
Great Colour but very expensive for poor final finish! This is the 2nd time I have purchased and been disappointed with the Farrow & Ball product and finish. The brand has a lovely range of classic, traditional and contemporary colours to choose from. The problem is I truly believe you are paying for a name with this product as the paint quality and finish are poor. I have used the cheaper paint brands and been a lot more impressed. I believe in buying quality with most things I purchase. I will however not be buying Farrow & Ball again. Simply not value for money!! 25 November 2014
Fabulous rich colour We've bought this colour before... our front door has been painted in it a few times & looks stunning, a few years back our kitchen woodwork was painted in it, and now we have painted the woodwork in my office. It looks really gorgeous, is very deep in shade, and it works well in our old fashioned house. (I'm not so sure it would be as good in a more modern house, but it seems to suit being in darker more characterful rooms). Anyway, we love it. Use 2 coats on top of the proper dark undercoat and it will be perfect. 22 November 2014
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