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Full Gloss

Exterior Door in Cook's Blue Full Gloss Exterior Door in Cook's Blue No.237 | Full Gloss

Full Gloss is our extremely versatile and high sheen finish perfect for both interior and exterior wood and metal, and comes in all of our 132 colours. With its reflective finish and high durability, Full Gloss offers a dramatic statement that can be used on surfaces throughout the interior and exterior of the home.

Full Gloss is:

  • High gloss finish, 95% sheen level
  • Quick drying
  • Washable and wipeable
  • Eco-friendly, low VOC
  • Water based, low odour and safe for children and pets
  • Resistant to water, flaking, peeling and colour fade for up to 6 years


Use High sheen finish for interior and exterior woodwork and metal
Colours available 132
Sheen level 95%
Drying time Dry in 2 hours, recoat in 4 hours

Available tin sizes and coverage (ft2)


750ml: 95ft2


1 Gallon: 480ft2


The beauty of Full Gloss is that it can be used indoors and outdoors. Use on your front door for a striking first impression, or try painting garden furniture, railings and plant pots to add high shine accents of colour. Inside, brush Full Gloss onto the walls and ceiling for an ultra-modern, glamorous feel, or paint a strip across matt Estate Emulsion walls. You might not even spot the difference until the sun peeps through to reveal a hidden layer of interest.

Door in Pitch Blue Full Gloss Door in Pitch Blue No.220 | Full Gloss
Swing in French Gray Full Gloss Swing in French Gray No.18 | Full Gloss
Chair in St Giles Blue Full Gloss Chair in St Giles Blue No.280 | Full Gloss