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Full Gloss

Exterior Door in Cook's Blue Full Gloss Exterior Door in Cook's Blue No.237 | Full Gloss

Farrow & Ball Full Gloss is an extremely versatile, robust and traditional high gloss finish which is suitable to use on both interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces. It can also be used to dramatic effect on walls and ceilings.


  • Traditional high gloss finish (95% sheen)
  • Resistant to water, flaking, peeling and colour fade for up to 6 years*
  • Washable and wipeable
  • Eco friendly, water-based formulation with low VOC content
  • Low odour
  • Quick drying
  • Child and pet safe
  • Easy clean-up – wash brushes in warm soapy water
  • Unmatched depth of colour
  • Available in all 132 colours

  • *Providing it has been applied in accordance with our Product Advice Sheets


Use High sheen finish for interior and exterior woodwork and metal
Colours available 132
Sheen level 95%
Drying time Dry in 2 hours.
Recoat time 4 hours

Available tin sizes and coverage (ft2)


750ml: 95ft2


US Gallon: 480ft2


The beauty of Full Gloss is that it can be used indoors and outdoors. Use on your front door for a classic, elegant look, or try painting garden furniture, accessories or ornaments to add striking accents of colour. Inside, refresh furniture or add interest to your scheme with the introduction of a highly reflective, glass like colour to your interior trim (think skirting boards and base boards, chair or dado rails, banisters, doors and door frames). You can even use Full Gloss on walls and ceilings for an ultra-modern, glamorous feel.

Door in Pitch Blue Full Gloss Door in Pitch Blue No.220 | Full Gloss
Swing in French Gray Full Gloss Swing in French Gray No.18 | Full Gloss
Chair in St Giles Blue Full Gloss Chair in St Giles Blue No.280 | Full Gloss