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Floor Inspiration

Floor Painted In Farrow & Ball Arsenic And Stripes In Pelt
Floor in Arsenic No.214 and stripes in Pelt No.254 | Modern Eggshell

The way we decorate our homes is changing. Nowadays, we’re not only interested in decorating our walls; floors are getting a makeover too. Seen as the ‘fifth wall’, floors have become a space to display artwork and do something different.

Floor Painted In Farrow & Ball All White, Babouche, Charlotte's Locks And Citron
Main Floor All White No.2005, From outside in: Babouche No.223, Charlotte’s Locks No.268 and Citron No.74 | Modern Eggshell

Available in 132 colours, Farrow & Ball Modern Eggshell is an easy way to update your floor, with the potential to create many different looks and feels. For example, using a single colour such as Pointing, you will create a Scandinavian feel, where as a strong colour like Black Blue will really ‘ground’ a space.

Walls Painted In Farrow & Ball Strong White, Ceiling In All White, Wood Panelling In Cornforth White And Floor In Pointing
Walls: Strong White No.2001, Ceiling: All White No.2005, Wood panelling: Cornforth White No.228, Floor: Pointing No.2003 | Estate Emulsion, Estate Eggshell & Modern Eggshell
Main Floor Painted In Farrow & Ball Black Blue, Lines In All White And Border In Arsenic & Pelt
Main floor: Black Blue No.95, Lines: All White No.2005, Border: Arsenic No.214 and Pelt No.254 | Modern Eggshell

Add interest to a room by using alternative colours to create stripes, checks or if you’re feeling really creative, you can even paint your very own rug!

You can create a bespoke stair runner or rug by using masking tape or freehand for a more artistic finish. Unexpected colour combinations like Arsenic, Babouche and Dove Tale will make your stairs a real talking point. Or simply paint stripes of Cook’s Blue on a Pavilion Gray floor to frame your fireplace.

Walls Painted In Farrow & Ball Pointing, Wood Panelling In Light Gray, Main Floor In Dove Tale And Stripes In Babouche, Mahogany & Arsenic
Walls: Pointing No.2003, Wood panelling: Light Gray No.17, Main Floor : Dove Tale No.267, Stripes: Babouche No.223, Mahogany No.36 and Arsenic No.214 | Modern Eggshell

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