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* Samples available in Estate Emulsion only. Colours on screen may vary from actual paint.

Fawn is Farrow & Ball’s interpretation of the classic tan used in the 18th century on both walls and woodwork. With its typical underlying green it is particularly good for use on the exteriors of houses and garden walls. When combined with Off-White on exterior woodwork it creates a totally timeless exterior. Mid Tones Undercoat.

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PLEASING CHOICE Excellent warmth and depth of colour; very cosy with a subtle apple green hint blended with the biscuit hue. Works well in our north light study with William Morris curtains and renovated medium oak varnished floor boards and rugs. 14 November 2014
More green than beige.... I have used this colour on a staircase leading off from our kitchen area and I love it. However it is definately not beige, I would say it has a green look to it and friends have said the same. Lovely colour though. 10 November 2014
excellent colour looks great in my sunhouse. the paint is very easy to apply. 31 August 2014
I am never disappointed with Farrow and Ball paint. I have used Farrow and Ball paint in four homes as we moved a fair amount over the past 10 years. I have never been disappointed, only thrilled with the results. I once had Benjamin Moore paint color matched to try to save a little of the cost and ended up repainting the room with Farrow and Ball because the difference was clear. 01 June 2014
Great neutral, works with earth tones as well as classic crisp neutrals. Great colour, looks great with earth tones or crisp neutrals like navy, black and white. In some light it looks like a warm taupe and in other light it has a greenish undertone, but it always looks great. Estate emulsion brought our textured stucco walls to life and you can put almost any accent colour with Fawn. Works with modern, traditional or rustic style rooms, a very adaptable and beautiful colour. Painted it three years ago and don't think I will ever get tired of it. 02 December 2013
Beautiful Result Used this on my cottage walls in the sitting room. The room has a low ceiling ribbed with beams and is quite a dark room. This colour looks fabulously sophisticated, adding warmth and depth without making the room too dark. I'm really pleased with it. Also used it on the concrete floor as a base to a large rug. It has worked surprisingly well. I am really pleased with the results. 11 July 2013
Not at all like the colour swatch...its green?!!! I had to buy 4 testers to find a grey green colour like the one I wanted. I originally wanted the shade called 'blue-grey'in farrows range which actually looks a little more like green grey not blue grey anyway but it was too dark. On the tester chart, FAWN is a very warm peachy beige...in reality it absolutely is not...its a cool classy grey green like the shade I was seeking Its a beautiful and I had my kitchen built and painted in it. I cannot fathom why the farrow and ball swatches are not even remotely like the actual paint. It may as well have been called cherry red. But it is a divine shade. Always , always buy the testers with farrow as I find the colours have a much stronger green tinge than other paints. Maybe thats what I love about it. 25 January 2013
Many colours are crossing over to look almost the same Nice paint, but many of the paint variations now are crossing over and look very similar, a guide to the original paints used for 18th 19th and 20th century furniture painting would be very handy aswell as the colours used together. 28 September 2012
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