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Tourbillon is taken from the Ducharne studio which created designs for some of the most famous couture houses in France from the 1920s to 1960s. The paper is composed of segmented circles which blend to give a graphic look.


Exterior Ideas

    Chair in Brinjal                              Wall in Stone Blue                          Stool in Churlish Green               Table in Dix Blue
    Exterior Eggshell                            Exterior Masonry                           Exterior Eggshell                           Exterior Eggshell

Creating the Farrow & Ball look for the outside of your home

You can create fabulous schemes outside your home and in the garden with Farrow & Ball colours. When it comes to choosing colour, there are no rights or wrongs, but do think about some of these factors:

• The aspect of your property and surrounding area.

• Consider the period of your property and the style and colour of neighbouring buildings; in particular, whether you wish to create a complementary or contrasting scheme.

• Look for dominant features like brickwork, natural wood and expanses of other colours such as paved or gravelled areas, lawns, fencing, shrubs and even flowers – all of which can affect colour choice.

But most importantly, pick a palette that feels right for you.

Decorating Ideas

• When decorating outside, you can usually go a shade or two darker than you would inside because you mostly see exterior colours in daylight. If you are considering using Slipper Satin try Off-White, or Pigeon instead of French Gray.

• To create a flow between the interior of your home and the exterior, use the same colour outside on a garden wall or a piece of furniture to help connect the two spaces together.

• To make a feature of your entrance, paint your front door and frame in one colour to help make it look bigger and more imposing.

• Consider paint finish as well as colour for your front door; 6 Year Exterior Eggshell creates a relaxed feel in softer colours and a more contemporary look in stronger colours. 6 Year Full Gloss gives a classic look and is especially effective in stronger colours such as Hague Blue, Black Blue or Railings.

• Layer colours outside just as you would inside to create added interest. Try using a mixture of colours on garden furniture such as Mizzle on chairs, with a table top painted in Old White and table legs in Mouse’s Back.

Front Doors, Windows and Window Boxes

Window boxes painted in colours like Card Room Green or Oval Room Blue will enhance any exterior, but be careful not to use more than three colours on the front of your house or it can begin to look confused. Paint your front door and window boxes the same colour, but try using two finishes for added interest – Full Gloss on the door and Exterior Eggshell on the boxes.

Click on swatches below for more schemes

Card Room Green
Card Room

London Clay
Oval Room


Classic colours such as black and red are very smart for front doors - try Pitch Black and Incarnadine for a classic, stylish look.

Charlotte’s Locks
Pitch Black


Other popular front door colours include Plummett, Studio Green, Black Blue and Hague Blue, which in Full Gloss could not be more elegant. On the other hand Blue Gray or Lichen in Exterior Eggshell will give a more relaxed and contemporary feel.

Studio Green
Oxford Stone
Black Blue
Oxford Stone
Hague Blue

Exterior Masonry

In keeping with its name, why not try Oxford Stone in Exterior Masonry Paint for exterior walls. For the urban exterior, try Manor House Gray on window frames with Railings on the front door, all in Exterior Eggshell.

Click on swatches below for more schemes

Castle Gray
Oxford Stone
French Gray
Manor House

Blue Gray

    Bench in Green Smoke                 Door in Yellowcake                          Ornament in Stiffkey Blue        Cage in Charlotte's Locks
    Exterior Eggshell                           Exterior Eggshell                              Full Gloss & Fence in                    Exterior Eggshell
    & Pot in Green Ground                                                                               Breakfast Room Green             
    Exterior Eggshell                                                                                         Exterior Eggshell        

Garden Tables and Chairs

Don’t be afraid to use a mixture of colours – try Mizzle on chairs with a table top painted in Old White and table legs in Mouse's Back, all in Exterior Eggshell, to create a very relaxed atmosphere.

Click on swatches below for more schemes

Castle Gray
Mouse's Back
French Gray
Old White
Blue Gray

Benches, Planters and Pots

If you want to create a mellow sophisticated look in your garden, paint planters and benches in the large selection of stone colours available in the Farrow & Ball range. Try Oxford Stone for a warm look, Fawn for a greener feel or String for an understated yellow scheme.

For a Mediterranean feel, paint flower pots in Charlotte’s Locks, Stone Blue and Terre D'Egypte.

Click on swatches below for more schemes

Castle Gray
Oxford Stone
French Gray
Blue Gray
Castle Gray

French Gray
Stone Blue
Blue Gray


Garden Buildings

Summer houses and garden sheds look charming in Blue Gray or the slightly greener French Gray, both in Exterior Eggshell. Add character by using Castle Gray on window frames and doors.

Click on swatches below for more schemes

Castle Gray
Castle Gray
French Gray
French Gray
Blue Gray
Blue Gray

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