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Downton Abbey - Farrow & Ball

A grand dining room

Strong colours and wallpaper designs work wonderfully in dining rooms which are so often lit by candlelight. Use Orangerie BP 2510 on walls, bursting with captivating details this design will enthral guests whether at Downton Abbey or in your own home! Layer redbased neutrals to complement the paper and add texture to the space. Use Joa’s White and Dimity on window frames and panelling, with the cornice in London Stone and ceiling in Dimity. Finally ground the room by painting baseboards rich Mahogany.

  • Dimity Dimity
  • London Stone London Stone
  • Joa's White Joa's White
  • Mahogany Mahogany

  • Orangerie Orangerie
    BP 2510

  • A cheerful kitchen

    Add muted colour to a kitchen inspired by the understated servant’s hall at Downton. Paint walls Oval Room Blue to the dado rail level with warm Joa’s White above. Accent the scheme by painting a dado line of Book Room Red around the room. Use London Stone, taken from a Nash house in Regent’s Park, on doors and window frames for a suitably British feel.

    • Dove Tale Joa's White
    • Book Room Red Book Room Red
    • Oval Room Blue Oval Room Blue
    • London Stone London Stone

    A comfortable bedroom

    Take inspiration from the simpler surroundings of the maid’s quarters to create a natural feel in a bedroom at home. Use fresh Tunsgate Green on the walls with cornice and ceiling in Off-White. Accent the scheme with baseboards and woodwork in French Gray, a colour much used in 19th century decorating with a nostalgic feel.

    • Off-White Off White
    • French Gray French Gray
    • Tunsgate Green Tunsgate Green