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This name goes right back to our roots, as does the colour. Room names have always proven to be popular choice for us and the use of the word Salon not only refers to the small outer room of a drawing room but also conjures up a cultural, intellectual conversational hub. A two-part name, combining Salon, the small outer room off a drawing room, with Drab, a term favoured by true colourists, which simply describes a colour as lacking in brightness.

A classic 19th century warm drab, this colour has been much requested and works perfectly with both the Yellow and Red Based Neutrals as well as with Skimming Stone. It is stronger and cleaner than Mouse's Back and far less red than Mahogany. Its richness is extremely appealing and will create rooms that have mid-19th century authenticity despite being perceived as the perfect ‘chocolate’ for the modern home.

Perfect for darker north facing rooms to make them feel cocooning and cosy.

Trend watch: This perfectly captures the ongoing popularity for using dark tones on all four walls