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Chemise, Blazer and Babouche are all names of colours in our paint palette that have been inspired by pieces of clothing. So with that in mind, Peignoir is named after the sheer floaty garment traditionally worn by ladies while brushing their hair in the mid-20th century, perfectly summing up the romance of this hazy grey-pink.

Peignoir will create the most humble, blushing interior as it is the softest of pinks containing a great big dose of grey. Its romantic feel makes it an obvious bedroom choice for a traditional home but it will add a certain charm to any modern living area. It works perfectly in combination with any of the Contemporary Neutrals as well as with the stronger Brassica and Brinjal.

Feels contemporary and crisp when combined with All White in south facing rooms.

Trend watch: We’ve seen a movement towards neutrals with a hint of colour, very soft calming muted pastels.