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Yukutori meaning birds flying away in a group; is a simple design taken from a mid-twentieth century Japanese pen and ink drawing. Available in 5 colourways.


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Dimpse 4.1 5 16 16
Doesn't look anything like the colour on the card, online or tin I've used farrow & Ball paints many times in the past and found the products to be pretty close to what we were looking for. This time however the paint when on the walls looked nothing like any of the cards, online colour charts or the tin. It may as well have been a paint lucky dip given how different it was to what we expected. Shame as I have had such fabulous previous experience with F&B paint as it lasts much longer than any other paints and keeps its finish much better. I bought 4 testers, which aren't cheap and not one of them was remotely near or even in the vicinity of what we thought they would be. If you are buying this paint make sure you have bought testers, painted it on the walls in different areas of the room and checked it in differernt lights otherwise you'll be making a very expensive mistake. October 8, 2014
Dimpse Excellent product have used it in the bathroom and kitchen as they follow the same colour theme used the modern emulsion on the walls Dimpse on the bathroom door in eggshell and white eggshell in the kitchen.. the finished result is stunning ... am so pleased feels like a new house without the expense of moving .... bit more expensive than other paints but well worth the money x October 6, 2014
A blue not a gray! Having bought a sample tin and tried it various areas I proceeded to have my hall/stairs/landing painted in Dimpse. To my horror when painted over a large area the effect is a pale lavender-blue which comes through quite brightly. The area is lit by north and west facing windows. As I paid for a professional decorator to carry out the work I'm heartbroken as I'm now stuck with it. This is not a cool gray. September 6, 2014
More blue than gray It's a beautiful color, but in the bright west facing room in which I used it it reads more a cool, sophisticated light blue than a gray. Closer to Skylight (but less baby blue). I had the floors painted in Pavilion Gray, and will likely change the Dimspe walls to Cornforth White to tone them down and be less nursery like. September 2, 2014
Wow.......classy colour I have just used this twice to 'up-cycle' two vintage pieces of furniture bought very cheaply on ebay £82 combined price! I chose Dimpse as I wanted a slightly grey, neutral and light colour for the item bought to brighten my hallway and to not clash with an already painted item in Lulworth Blue in my lounge. It is such a lovely subtle shade, it really does look different in different lights, for instance in my dark hallway the sideboard looks an off white, but in my south facing, half glass lounge my sideboard looks dove grey. It went on very easily and looks superb. It makes each sideboard look very expensive and everyone comments on how superb they look. August 27, 2014
Gorgeous shade with some surprises I chose Dimpse because I wanted a grey that was light and cool, so I looked to Farrow & Ball first, wanting a very high quality paint with some depth which is very important in a light shade, to avoid looking blah, chalky and underwhelming. This is exactly what I got, a light grey with depth. It looks different depending on the light and I love each shade. It is indeed a very cool grey, visitors have thought it was light blue. But then it appears as a very pure grey at other times, very neutral. It was a dream to paint with and we feel justified in paying what we did, for the colour and the quality. July 28, 2014
Very disappointing... Bought the egg shell finish and shortly follow by the full gloss. The paint dries too fast, the end result on the full gloss is looking more like a matt finish. Very disappointing. July 21, 2014
Mixed feelings I have always associated Farrow & Ball with high quality so decided to try the paint for my recent house renovation. It was very easy to use and the colour looks amazing. However, the rooms have only been painted a couple of weeks and already the paint is letting us down! The slightest touch seems to cause paint to chip off and it marks very easily if you touch the walls. I must say I have very mixed feelings about Farrow & Ball paint and am not sure if I will use it again. July 14, 2014
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A cool gray to complement Pavilion Gray and Blackened. The colour of twilight according to West Country dialect. White & Light Tones Undercoat.

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