Cooking Apple Green

No. 32

* Samples available in Estate Emulsion only. Colours on screen may vary from actual paint.

Cooking Apple Green is a Farrow & Ball classic which always feels charmingly familiar and, like all greens, creates the feeling of health and vigour. It has a rich, old fashioned appeal in darker situations, but becomes fresh and pretty with a botanical twist, in well lit rooms and when contrasted with a bright white. Mid Tones Undercoat.

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Cooking Apple Green 4.6 5 37 37
The color is amazing, BUT... Farrow & Ball has an amazing color range that is simply unmatched by other paint manufacturers. Having said that, I must couch that statement with the fact that the coverage for this particular color is terrible. It took at least three coats to even out the color between where we rolled and where we cut in. Also, all of the F&B paint we purchased had a tendency to drip on the walls and in some of the corners it actually had spiderweb cracks when it dried. That is NOT acceptable in a paint that costs $100 a gallon. Overall, the F&B paints we used were inferior to the other name brand paints (notably Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore) we used alongside them in our new house. F&B was inferior in coverage, ease of application, mixability of pigments and price compared to other name brand paints. Except for the range of colors, I simply cannot recommend them at this price point. 20 May 2015
Warm and fresh I used this colour in the kitchen. It gives a fresh feel to the whole room but it also gives it warmth without making it dark. Simply gorgeous 14 March 2015
Beautiful colour for my kitchen walls We used this paint on our kitchen / dining room walls. It looks wonderful with our new kitchen units painted with "White Tie". It also had to work well with our heavy Oak dining furniture. The result was really good. I made an Austrian blind for the kitchen & curtains for the dining room in a matching pale green silk material. The kitchen is now 2 years old & it all still looks wonderful. Worth buying the Modern Emulsion as everything wipes off.. Including curry & red wine splashes!!! 28 February 2015
Excellent product It's always a bit of a dilemma as to whether the expense of Farrow and Ball paint is actually worth it. However, I'm more and more convinced that it generally is. The colours are alsways just a bit better than everyone else's, the paint is clearly of very good quality as it is applied and covers really well. The amount of splatter is so minimal that it hardly registers. And most important of all....the wife loves it. Reassuringly expensive. 16 February 2015
Lovely, fresh colour This colour looks great on our wooden kitchen. We have a south facing room that allows plenty of natural light. Suprised at the range of tones reflected off the cuboards pending on the time of day. 11 January 2015
Excellent paint Very easy to apply and coverage very good - nice finish. 22 October 2014
wow i love it,its very dark sage in colour when put over white but as my walls were a brown cappacino colouur this went over the top perfect Over cappacino coloured walls this became a guacamole colour and looks amazing so glad i took the risk my walls really stand out now against a walnut styled kitchen 15 October 2014
Excellent colour and hard wearing I have an east facing kitchen and applied Cooking Apple green to the cupboards 10 years ago. I have an accent wall in Radiccio. The wall has been reprinted many times but cupboards are only now showing signs of wear. Everyone loves the combination. 19 September 2014
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