Charlotte's Locks No.268

Charlotte's Locks No.268

Highly dramatic and extremely contemporary especially when combined with Railings. Widely used as an accent colour in the minimalist decoration of the 1950s. Try combining with Tanner’s Brown for an eye-catching scheme, or for a more graphic feel team with Arsenic or Drawing Room Blue. Strong White or All White are best used for ceilings and trim.

Charlotte's Locks is a very contemporary colour, but still retains a vintage feel when teamed with greens. Charlotte's Locks on a piece of furniture in a Ball Green Room would be really striking.

Use Charlotte’s Locks on a feature wall to add some really exciting colour to virtually any scheme – it can even be used with reds and pinks if you are very brave!

Colour Schemes for Charlotte's Locks No.268

Strong White Charlotte's Locks All White         Castle Gray Charlotte's Locks Brassica         Tanner's Brown Charlotte's Locks Blackened
Strong                      All White        Castle                       Brassica          Tanner's                   Blackened
White                                                  Gray                                                  Brown