Calluna No.270

Calluna No.270

Named after the Scottish heather, Calluna has a contemporary look but with the delicate inclusion of black, it retains a vintage feel. For a pretty look, try teaming with Great White in a bedroom and for a more cutting edge feel combine with Strong White. Brassica and Pelt can be used as stronger accent colours and the lilac tones of Calluna are best complemented by Wimborne White or All White.

Calluna has a soft slightly traditional feel but a modern look, especially when teamed with blue and greys in fabrics and curtains.

This colour is particularly suited to bedrooms. It can be warm and girly when contrasted with soft tones or more cutting edge when contrasted with cooler, greyer tones such as Lamp Room Gray.

Colour Schemes for Calluna No.270

All White Calluna Great White         Brassica Calluna Blackened         Pelt Calluna Strong White
All White                 Great               Brassica                   Blackened       Pelt                            Strong White