Brassica No.271

Brassica No.271

An aged darker version of Calluna, named after the familiar purple colour often seen in the Brassica family of vegetables. This colour comes alive when combined with Calluna and Pelt and also works wonderfully when teamed with Great White, Teresa’s Green or Pitch Black for a more daring look. Brassica would make a striking front door colour in both Full Gloss or Exterior Eggshell.

This is the modern girl's dream scheme; rich Brassica on the walls with cool Cornforth White on the woodwork - a mix that is right on trend.

Brassica is an exciting new colour for exteriors, particularly front doors. See here how well it works with various shades of blue.

Colour Schemes for Brassica No.271

Calluna Brassica Blackened         Elephant's Breath Brassica Skimming Stone         Arsenic Brassica Blackened
Calluna                   Blackened       Elephant's               Skimming      Arsenic                     Blackened
                                                             Breath                     Stone