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Bedroom Inspiration

Bedroom Painted in Farrow & Ball Pavilion Blue No.252, Estate Emulsion
Bedroom in Pavilion Blue No.252 | Estate Emulsion

Soft & Soothing

Soft and soothing colours like Pale Powder, Teresa’s Green and Green Blue are perfect for creating a relaxed and calming environment. The slightly muted shades of French Gray, Light Blue and New White also work really well in creating a soothing effect.

Couples are often drawn to Cream (with a hint of yellow for the ladies and a hint of grey for the men). However, for a more feminine feel, you could try painting a bedroom in Calamine with a Cinder Rose ensuite, or for a more masculine room you could use Stiffkey Blue in the bathroom alongside a Skylight bedroom.

Bedroom Painted In Farrow & Ball New White No.59, Estate Emulsion
Bedroom in New White No.59 | Estate Emulsion
Bedroom Painted In Farrow & Ball Calamine No.230, Estate Emulsion
Bedroom in Calamine No.230 | Estate Emulsion

Add Accent Colours

Adding accents of colour is another great way to update a bedroom. Choose colours that complement your existing wall colours and use them on furniture to create a whole new look and feel in the room. Strong colours such as Churlish Green and Pitch Blue, are great for adding a pop of colour to rooms that feature a more neutral backdrop.

Bedroom Painted In Farrow & Ball Brassica, All White and Churlish Green
Bedroom in Brassica No.271, All White No.2005 and Churlish Green No.251 | Estate Emulsion
Bedroom Painted In Farrow & Ball French Gray No.18, Estate Eggshell
Bedroom in French Gray No.18 | Estate Eggshell

Create a Feature Wall

Wallpaper feature walls look great in bedrooms, especially when used on the wall behind the bed. Try our Samphire design for a delicate and tranquil feel. Use it on the shorter wall if want to make your room appear more square and cosy than it is.

Bedroom Decorated With Farrow & Ball Samphire BP4004 Wallpaper And Wevet & Pavilion Gray Paint
Bedroom headboard in Samphire BP 4004, walls and woodwork in Wevet No.273 and Floor in Pavilion Gray No.242 | Estate Emulsion, Estate Eggshell and Modern Eggshell
Bedroom Decorated In Farrow & Ball Wisteria BP 2201 Wallpaper and Elephant's Breath & Wimborne White Paint
Bedroom in Wisteria BP 2201, walls in Elephant's Breath No.229 and woodwork in Wimborne White No.239 | Estate Emulsion and Estate Eggshell

Dark & Dramatic

Finally, if your bedroom is very dark, don’t fight nature; use a strong colour like Brassica or Railings to create real drama and intimacy.

Bedroom Painted In Farrow & Ball Brassica No.271 Estate Emulsion
Bedroom in Brassica No.271 | Estate Emulsion
Bedroom Painted In Farrow & Ball Railings No.31
Bedroom in Railings No.31 | Estate Eggshell

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