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Once upon a time two walkers, out for a stroll on a crisp sunny day, neglected to close and latch the gate to a field. Harmless you might think, until it becomes clear that this is no ordinary gate. Well it is actually, and it’s keeping in the field nine animals, both feathered and furred, belonging to a farmer.

Seizing the opportunity the animals raced to the open gate, gently pushed against it and then made their escape. To make sure they didn’t get caught the animals decided to split up and go their separate ways so that they could see as much of the world as possible.

Some tried to hitchhike, some simply walked and others tried more inventive ways of getting around. The animals are now travelling far and wide to all our Farrow & Ball showrooms, head to your nearest one to see if you can spot any of them.

Wistful and contemplative, Peignoir the sheep is a romantic soul. Instead of frolicking in the fields she can often be found staring off dreamily into the horizon, lost in her own thoughts.

A well-presented sheep, her wool is always immaculately curled and her light, delicate beauty shines through her gentle face.

Peignoir is the poet of the group – musing, calming and soft-hearted.

Cromarty was originally raised in the swirling sea mists of the Cromarty estuary, so she feels most comfortable when swathed in a fine haze, watching the ebb and flow of the tide. Soothed by the sounds of the crashing waves, Cromarty has a soft seriousness about her. Always pensive but never melancholy, she is considerate of the world around her.

Sombre, but not gloomy, her sea-faring nature makes her enigmatic and with the lightest inclination of otherworldliness.

Drop Cloth is the no-nonsense goose who infects everyone with his charm. Growing up on the farm he has been an indispensable member of the group and is quick to guide and lead.

He has a fondness for team work and always works to lift the spirits of the rest of the flock. A traditional goose, Drop Cloth has admiration for the history of things and appreciates the way things used to be.

Nostalgic, loyal and direct, Drop Cloth gently commands attention in any flock meeting.

Shadow White is the shyest and most gentle member of the group. He spends his days lazing under trees to make the most of the cooling shade.

This little piggy has a fondness for relaxation and always ensures that the rest of the group maintain a sense of serenity.

Cool and composed, Shadow White may not be the most outspoken animal on the farm, but he is certainly valued by the other animals.

Vardo the llama has a wild heart that’s filled with adventure. Even as a youngster, with a face covered in fluff, he would always try to escape the pen.

A fiery sense of humour, this bright and quick-witted llama has a knack for encouraging the others to partake in mischief and mayhem and embrace the vitality of life.

Undoubtedly the most fun-loving of the animals, Vardo’s job is to keep the animals entertained and keep the mood high.

Worsted has an old soul and appreciates things from a time gone by. Sensible but never dull, this sociable ostrich gets on well with all the others on the farm.

From time to time Worsted can be seen gathering the animals round, waiting for them to settle, and then regaling them with tales of how the farm was in his day.

Although he chooses to spend most of his time with the more placid animals, this kind ostrich does like to cut loose with some of the brighter, louder ones.

A ram with a face that commands authority, Yeabridge Green is truly a magnificent and eye-catching beast.

Born and bred in the countryside, Yeabridge Green likes nothing more than strolling purposely through the fields, taking in his surroundings and enjoying the beauty of the British countryside.

He is an eloquent ram and often endeavours to lift the spirits of the other animals with his infectious sense of humour and wit.

Salon Drab is a goat with a warm and welcoming personality. She is one of the most approachable on the farm and the other animals regularly go to her for a natter.

She has a no-nonsense approach to life, but offers advice with tact as she has a soft and kind manner.

Salon Drab is much loved by the rest of the animals and her warm temperament enforces her likeability.

Originally from the Scottish highlands, Inchyra Blue is a pig with the twinkle of magic in his eye. Although he often comes across as moody, it often masks his dry sense of humour which can be quite sprightly at times.

Raised under the expanse of the beautiful Scottish skies, this pig has a big heart and a yearning to get back to the enchanting heather lands.

Inchyra Blue can often be seen with Drop Cloth who shares the same quizzical sense of humour and the two make a great pair.