All White

No. 2005

* Samples available in Estate Emulsion only. Colours on screen may vary from actual paint.

All White is exactly what it says on the tin! It unusually contains no other pigment except white and creates the softest most sympathetic white with none of the uncomfortable cold blue feeling of a brilliant white. It is often used on woodwork and ceilings to bring out the colour in other soft whites like Dimity or Strong White or with stronger tones to create a fresh clean contrast. White & Light Tones.

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All White 4.8 5 60 60
Really like but too expensive We really liked the finish but because we have to paint every room in the house it would've too exspensive 17 June 2015
kind to the eye Makes painting a pleasure as it is so easy to apply. All White not quite as stark as the normal brilliant whites you get. Washing your brush afterwards in water is such a bonus. thank you! 08 May 2015
All right with All White After suffering with High Street eggshell (treacle-like consistency and challenging application, plus a long drying time (up to 24 hours) not to mention a messy clean-up of equipment), I finally bit the bullet and ordered F&B's All White eggshell for my skirting boards and picture rails. The fact it is more expensive is quickly outweighed by the application and finish. It's very easy to apply and dry in about an hour. Almost no odour, and the finish has a good sheen. Once tried you'll never go back. 15 April 2015
Beautiful paint Having bought the cheaper best selling paints in the past, I wanted some better quality paint, initially for an interior stone wall. I am an artist and should know that you get what you pay for but I had not applied this policy to general painting and decorating before! I was given good advice about the paint and colour and followed this. Instantly, I could see the difference and used the paint on the stonework and the wall. The application was easier, even with the first coat I could see the quality and the finish is pure quality. 05 April 2015
Great product Perfect on ceilings - replacing a cream ceiling, it is fresh and bright 24 March 2015
Fast drying I have used other floor paints before, and had a nightmare when the 'fast drying' paints used didn't dry, and we ending up sleeping downstairs for 2 nights! So used this in my daughter's bedroom, and not only did it dry in 2 hours ( although still felt a little tacky) it has practically no smell. 2 coats of undercoat ( on a previously white floor) two coats of topcoat, and the floor was finished in 2 days! Smoothed out lots of deep scratches too. Lets hope it stays looking this good, and doesn't yellow like the other makes. Worth the money, and didn't use much either. Oh, and came the next day by courier, perfectly packed 08 March 2015
All white The Good : 20005 all white Estate Emulsion, Full Gloss. beautiful color, and texture finished , great looking, the estate emulsion has that chalky look and feel just what I wanted and the full gloss looks great . The bad: had to use 3 coats sometimes 4 coats of the estate emulsion on walls and ceiling. My professional painter, not someone that calls themselves a professional but these are guys that work on finishing Casino's here in Las Vegas for high profile clients. I have read that this is the Designers Go to paint . What my painters told me today has we did a punch list , this product doesn't cover well. In their opinion , " this is was not good at all ", Remind you I was painting over white. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the 2005 All White as the brightest white , my original white that was being painted over would be somewhere around a 8.5 to 9 on the white scale , but still a bright white. However I was told that white in general has one of the least amounts of pigment color in it. The full Gloss took 3 coats not 4. The good thing is regardless of how many coats of paint needed to get the final look my painters did a great job with your paint and the finished look is just great. Thanks M. 24 February 2015
A cut above Gorgeous paint to work with so glad I took the dulux back, lovely finish. The only thing is it chips off so easily the slightest knock with anything takes it straight back to wood. 09 February 2015
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